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Our unique approach



Ideally, we all sit around the table at an early stage in the project to share our expertise with you and create the most suitable product.



Our Project Managers conduct the measurements for the project.



After the measurements are complete, one of our engineers will take care of the drawings for approval. We work with the most advanced 3D drawing programs. Whether it involves a rough sketch, a small detail or a 3D shot, we leave no stone unturned.



AMG has a team of experienced production staff and a semi-automated production hall. We use the most advanced CNC machines. Because we work in multiple shifts, our production department is active 16 to 18 hours a day, 6 days a week to make sure that your project gets processed.



Our assembly department thoroughly prepares the products and carries out a final inspection, ensuring that on-site installation can be performed in the most time-efficient way possible. We pre-assemble the product as much as possible and ensure that everything is individually packed for each balcony, floor, façade and building. This helps our installers maintain a faster working pace. It also benefits you as a client. It results in shorter lead times and faster installations.



Our assembly is carried out by experienced assembly companies that hold VCA certifications.

These reliable professionals are our calling card in the construction industry and are fully managed by our Project Managers.

Lead times

After the production drawings have been approved, assembly can begin on your project within 6 to 8 working weeks.

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Quality control

In addition to our many years of experience and expertise, the quality of our products and the professionalism of our people play a key role.


We are constantly taking a critical look at our own products and are always prepared to go the extra mile to guarantee high quality. In doing so, we listen carefully to the feedback we receive from our clients. AMG has an in-house testing centre for our product tests, ensuring that you, the customer, are always guaranteed an outstanding end product that meets all of the quality and safety requirements.


Of course, fall-through safety is critical for floor protection. Our systems are fully calculated on a structural level and are tested in practice in several different situations.


The systems in the balustrade range from AMG Railing hold important international certifications in safety. The glass balustrades have been tested for safety by official inspection bodies, meaning that our systems can be safely used throughout Europe. Our systems are also tested in national projects by our constructors, where the entire fencing solution is calculated on a project-by-project basis.


On completed projects, we also regularly carry out the so-called glass bead bag pendulum impact test. This practical test assesses the fall-through safety of the balustrade for a specific project. The test is conducted by propelling a bag filled with glass beads against the balustrade. The balustrade should not collapse during this process. The balustrades from AMG have always passed this test with flying colours.


AMG also provides a complete H & S plan in order to mitigate risks and to define the approach to safety on a project-oriented basis. Since safety is paramount to us during the execution of your project, our project managers and technicians are all VCA certified. 

Quality marks

Rest assured that you are in good hands with AMG! Our profiles have undergone extensive testing and comply with the following quality marks, among others:

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